Over the past 39 years, one of the greatest contributions to the success of Saturn Freight Systems has come from our relationships with professional owne/operators. Saturn Freight Systems has attracted and retained some great owner/operators for many years.

How you might ask? We know how they need to be treated, because the owners of Saturn Freight Systems were once owner/operators themselves. Even today, all the owners and most of the middle managers still hold and use their CDLs.

We've maintained these relationships by giving owner/operators the best possible lease program, and by treating them fairly in all aspects of the business. Even though we have company-owned equipment, our dispatch runs on a first-in/first-out basis. We never have loaded around an owner/operator, and treat each owner/operator as though they were one of are own company trucks.

We do not operate a forced dispatch system, so the owner/operator get as much freedom as expected because they are in business for themselves. We have always worked to help our owner/operators achieve and maintain a successful business.  And why not... if you're successful, we're successful! 



Without the dedication and service our owner-operators have given us over the years, we would not be where we are today.

Our program offers:

    79% of Gross Revenue
    License and Permits
    Liability and Cargo Insurance
    Fleet Physical Damage Rates
    100% Drop and Pick Compensation
    No Forced Dispatch
    1st In - 1st Out
    Fuel Cards
    Weekly Settlements
    Safety Award Program
    Get Home Often
    Open Door Policy

Sound Interesting?
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